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The Eagles International Training Institute (EITI) is an accredited, on-line, one year, intense and in-depth training course for those who desire to soar to higher heights in various areas of the arts, business and theology. Founded by Apostle Dr. Pamela Hardy in 2005, it was the first training program of its kind in the United States. Our goal is to train and educate those called to the ministry, then release them to be effective servants, teachers, and leaders who will establish the Kingdom of God in all the earth.

The Institute currently has over 1,000 Eagle graduates and over 200 students currently enrolled from fifteen different countries! EITI has established training in Puerto Rico and The Netherlands. We now offer over 20 different courses purposed and designed to equip, train, and activate Kingdom believers for tomorrow’s destiny. Through TEN, the Eagles Network (www.tenworldwide.org), we are changing hearts and lives around the world.

We are soaring Eagles, going forth in the Spirit of the Lord God, anointed by His grace, called by His name, setting the captives free! We serve with a spirit of humility, and we soar with the spirit of excellence!



Eagles International Training Institute is an Associate Member with Transworld Accrediting Commission International. Serving the Christian education community for over 30 years, Transworld is a federally recognized, non-profit church educational organization. Their philosophy is to demonstrate accountability to the consuming public for education obtained in nontraditional evangelical educational institutions.

TRANSWORLD oversees more than 1000 member institutions including schools, seminaries, universities, colleges, and institutes both in the United States and internationally. They provide documented evidence of compliance with standards of structure and governance, material resources, policies, faculty, and curriculum. TRANSWORLD’S overall purpose is to promote academic excellence and accountability.

For more information about Transworld Accrediting Commission International, visit TransworldAccrediting.com

***At this time, EITI is limited in providing complete services to those with disabilities. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We are working toward being able to offer all courses to those with disabilities. Thank you for your patience.***


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What students are saying:

Eagles International Training Institute has been the spring that catapulted me into a deeper relationship with God. Because of the courses I’ve completed, I have found freedom to stand bold and represent the Kingdom and bring others along with me.
Rhesa, St. Vincent

I’m finishing the EITI authors course. My book: I LOVE PINK is on Amazon!. The authors class was amazing. I learned something about myself. The team guided me through. I never felt alone. Everything you’ll need to publish and market your book is under one umbrella. The mentors are always available to assist. They are trained and published authors themselves. Come out of fear and step into the deep and sign up for the EITI Authors class your written legacy is waiting on you.
Phyllis, Texas

I am currently a EITI Dance year 1 student. I absolutely love this course. I have grown in so many areas of my life. In this class you learn that it is more than just dancing. You are taught the Biblical aspects of dance. I have grown in confidence and spiritually matured. I have met some amazing Eagles from around the world.
Samantha, Indiana

EITI changed my life and shifted my trajectory. Today I walk and live in Gods purpose and plan for my life.
Janine, Massachusetts

I did Ten in 2017, I had no dance experience. The Biblical education and dance technique training taught me a lot. In July, 2017 I went to Eagles Caribbean Network in Guyana. That was my first international dance conference. The atmosphere was full with God’s presence. I met a lot of wonderful dancers who have a heart, passion and fire for God. After this conference God opened doors, touched people’s hearts who started sowing in my life and I was able to attend the Eagles Summit in Texas. The theme was Living in the Supernatural .This summit changed my life forever. I felt the supernatural like never before. I got deliverance and breakthrough. It was an awesome time to worship the Lord with dancers from all over the world. In 2018 I took the online course School of Prophecy. In 2019, I took School of Prayer Year 1 and 2020 I took Leadership Counseling Transformation. The EITI courses help me grow, transform and soar higher. EITI is the institute that will give you the tools and help to become a humble leader in the Kingdom of God and they will help you reach your destiny. Because of doors that God opened through EITI, I am living now in America and I am a TEN assistant. Apostle Pamela I thank you so much for what EITI poured into me. God bless.
Linda, Suriname

Glory be to God that I found EITI. I have been taking classes over the last 2 to 3 years. Not only have I grown into a strong knowledgeable and purpose driven ministry leader, yet Freedom Dance Ministry is now walking in their anointing,strength,fulfilling Gods’s purpose for them, and are not afraid to freely worship God as well as minister in dance. Hallelujah
Corinthia, Illinois

I have taken three EITI courses and each has pushed me into a new season of my life. Dance year one unlocked a door for me to become the dance ministry leader at my church. It also made me realize that worship was the area of dance God called me to. School of worship helped me understand worship to a greater degree. It also unlocked my first sermon. Kingdom spheres was instrumental in unlocking my gifting’s and it pushed me where God needed me to be. I now have clear vision and direction. Apostle Hardy pushes you forward and truly unlocks your divine destiny. I am forever grateful for EITI.
Rebecca, North Carolina

I became a student in 2015 when I enrolled in Dance year 1. What a life-changing experience!! I began the course pretty timid yet knowing God was guiding me to do more than dance. I was ready to learn more about dance ministry but this course stretched me in ways I could not imagine. It unlocked areas in me that I never knew existed. I have found my voice and I am silent no more. This course is so much more than a dance class. It shifts you to purpose…..Soaring and Serving!
Ione, Virginia

In the 1990’s I received my calling, to Dance for the Lord, but no one was teaching about it where I lived. I was hungry. I heard about a dance workshop coming to MA, and I went. The teacher was Pamela Hardy. It was the first liturgical dance workshop I had ever gone to. I was in awe! I purchased her dance manual and learned so much. Time had gone by and I kept searching to get more answers. I then attended TEN Worldwide and Pamela Hardy is the founder, and also of EITI! How would I have known our meeting years earlier would come full circle? I graduated from EITI – Dance year 1 in 2016, and my life has never been the same. Wouldn’t you know that same dance manual I bought in the 1990’s was in our study books? I am appreciative of Apostle Pamela Hardy and EITI for all I’ve learned, and I’m still continuing to learn. I am forever grateful.
Gina, Massachusetts

In 2006, I saw Dr. Pamela at the Throne Zone. She did a dance to the song called “Lord you’re Holy “ I have never in all my life seen such beauty and spirit, when she danced to that song and as it escalated, there was a part towards the end when she raised the crown and bowed down to the King of kings and Lord of lords, I was done. The spirit of the Lord came into my soul and filled me with tears of joy. That was such a beautiful, beautiful vision I had never ever seen in all my life and it led me to become an EITI Eagle. Thank you with all my heart, my mind, my body and spirit. She always has a beautiful smile. I was so touched by the Holy Spirit to be part of the Eagles International Training Institute and I have been truly blessed from 2006 up until now, 2020 . It is an honor to serve with them.
Rochelle, Pennsylvania