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The EITI Children, Youth, & Teens Course is designed to provide spiritual, technical, and practical training and support to those who empower, teach, train, and equip GOD’S precious children, youth, tweens, and teens. 

Do you have a passion to work with young people?  Are you called to nurture and help with their development, and is it your heart’s desire to see young people on fire for God and boldly living for Him?  If your answer is yes, then this course is for you.

This course will give you the tools to stand firm in your calling to this generation to know the era and region you are called to.  You will gain tools to write and execute a project/ministry assignment—equipped to carry out the vision God has given you to this generation.

Hearing from God and getting to know His heart for this generation is the one thing that is key throughout this course.

*We reserve the right to withhold certificates, licensure, or graduation for students who do not meet our requirements.

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Jemerin Boke

Jemerin E. Boke’ was born and raised in Suriname, South America. She started working with young people when she was 18 years old; this was with an organization helping children from 1st to 6th grade with their homework. Her passion to work with this age group has grown since then. Through the years, she has worked with different age groups and functioned as a youth leader and dance leader for children & teens first and later adults.

She desires to see young people grow up in fear of the Lord and see them still choosing Christ when older, to see children, teens & youth boldly living for God and choosing Him daily. She firmly believes that God has called her to raise an army of young people who knows who and who they are.

Jemerin is the founder of Creative Arts Institute Marvelous, established in Augustus in 2017. The goal is to help develop the creative talent of young people and encourage them to glorify God with it. The focus is on dance, drama, music, and writing. She is the dance director and is working with other talented people on the development of the students. The Sent Ones Hub was founded in 2022 by her to teach, train & equip God’s people, focusing on God’s identity and purpose. She is currently a board member of Children Evangelism Fellowship Suriname. She serves at the Children’s church service at her home church, Berea.

She believes that equipping yourself for ministry is a must. Besides the courses in dance, leadership, and personal development she took in Suriname, she graduated from EICYT in 2013, TEN-year 1 in 2015, Dance year 1 in 2018, and SOPAA course Dances of the Supernatural in 2020. She also took Kingdom Spheres in 2021 & Dancing the Vision Within in 2022.


Hermia Polite is married to Terrell Polite of 13 years. They have five amazing children. She has been in ministry since she was a young teen. She started working with the local youth prevention program where they learned about the importance of encouraging other young people to live a wholesome and healthy life! When she was 15 years old, she served
as the youth pastor under the leadership of her parents as Pastors. When she turned 18, she went to be a part of a ministry called Teen Mania, where she participated in an on-campus internship. During the internship, she worked in multiple areas, including call centers, as an office and personal assistant. She also served as a camp counselor during her undergraduate year, where she was able to set goals and cast vision over a period of time.

Hermia has participated in mission trips during both her undergraduate and graduate years. She also traveled with a group called Acquire the Fire Ministry team, traveling cross-country and serving on the prayer team.

Hermia graduated from Teen Mania in 2009. After graduation, she and her husband served as youth pastors for three years. They hosted camps and youth events under the direction of the Holy Spirit and served faithfully under their leaders until the Lord called them to Pastor a church. They have faithfully been pastoring for the past five years.

2020 Hermia completed the dance year 1 course at the Eagles International Training Institute. Hermia Polite is thankful for the many opportunities she has been blessed with and looks forward to what the Lord has in store. She believes that all youth should have the ability to know that they are never too young to have a deep and true relationship with the Lord. Her heart is to ensure that no child is left out or forgotten while we pursue our kingdom agenda to bring heaven to earth!

Please Note: There are no refunds given for tuition. Each student is allowed 2 years to complete the course from the same Instructor of the chosen course.

At this time, EITI is limited to providing complete services to those with liabilities. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We are working toward being able to offer all courses to those with disabilities. Thank you for being so patient.