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Company of Prophets



The Eagles International Training Institute Company of Prophets Course is an eleven-month long course of study.  The Company of Prophets was developed during the ministry of the Prophet Samuel. (1 Samuel 10:5) The prophet was one who had revelation (visions, dreams, prophecy), who interceded (stood in the gap, made up a hedge), protected the people (possessing strategical warfare, executing the word of the Lord), taught other prophets, anointed leaders, and provided counsel to warriors concerning divine strategy, as well as prophesying the word of God according to the revelations that he received from God.

When prophets were joined together, they were referred to as a “Company of Prophets”(1 Samuel 10:5). Included in this company were musicians, minstrels, psalmists, sons of prophets, and servants of prophets who were actually prophets in training.

The EITI Company of Prophets will stand in the gap for EITI, their region, the nation and the world.  We will first examine ourselves then examine where God has called us while developing the gift that He placed within us by focusing on EITI.

Dr. Chris Hardy will conduct the institute.

Topics include:

  • Character and Integrity
  • Seven Issues of Prophetic Fulfillment
  • Understanding the Seer Realm
  • Divisions of Prophetic Authority
  • and more

There will be written and practical assignments. You will see increase in your growth and calling unto the Lord.

EITI Company of Prophets Year 2 is now available! (must have completed Year 1)

To request an application, please email –
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Dr. Christopher J. Hardy served as the Senior Pastor of International Covenant Ministries “Life Center”, located in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, for 10 years.  He is now Presiding Apostle/Bishop of International Covenant Life Network, International Covenant Connect ICC and Breaking Free Ministries in Plano, Texas. Dr. Chris, called as an Apostle/Prophet to the nations, has a God-given vision to Strengthen, Serve and Support the nations and to raise up effective leaders and “enlighten people through the teaching of the Scriptures, thus allowing the potential for total restoration of the saints through worship and living the abundant life that Christ promises.” Bringing total healing to the Body of Christ is his passion and mission.

Dr. Chris received his theological training from the Sunbury Road Bible Institute, sponsored by Mount Hermon Missionary Baptist Church. Pastor Chris later transferred to Vision Christian Bible Seminary for a deeper teaching and moving of God’s Spirit in his life. There, he was filled with the Holy Spirit for his work ahead. Because he has given his life to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, he now ministers under the leading and anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Dr. Chris Has Ministered Throughout The United States And Abroad. God Has Sent Him As An Ambassador To Fiji, Puerto Rico, St Lucia, Holland, South Africa, And Costa Rica With Many Others Countries, Territories And Nations Still To Visit For The Cause Of Christ. Dr. Chris Is Also CEO/President Of The Joshua Development Corporation Of Central Ohio (JDC), Which Supports Efforts To Reinvest Back Into The Community.



He Is An Anointed Pastor And Teacher. You Will Find Dr. Chris’ Teachings Challenging For Change And Charged For Commitment To The Word Of God! He Received His Bishopric Mantle In 1998. He Received An Honorary Doctorate Degree From The Friends International Christian University Of Merced, California In 2016.

He is the author of Unlimited Possibilities: Accessing the Doors of Perpetual Blessings.

His testimony is this: “his past life is forgiven by Him…his new life is in Him…his calling is from Him…his message is about Him!It’s All About Him! It’s All About God!” International Covenant Ministries is ordained and covered by Rhema Christian Center in Columbus, Ohio with Apostle La Fayette Scales and Glory of Zion International at Global Spheres in Corinth, Texas with Apostle Chuck Pierce. Dr. Chris is married to Pamela Hardy. They have two daughters, Valencia Marie and Nicole Latrice, and two beautiful grandchildren.




Apostle Katrina R. Carter

Apostle Katrina R. Carter resides in Cincinnati, OH. She is the mother of 1 child, Naomi, and a spiritual Auntie, Mother, and Mentor to many who affectionately call her “Aunt Kitty”.

Apostle Katrina is an ordained Prophet submitted to the leadership and alignment of Apostles Dr. Pamela and Dr. Chris Hardy, Eagles International Training Institute. She is a graduate of T.E.N. Ohio (2012), a licensed graduate of Eagles International Training Institute Dance Year 1 (2015), and School of Prophecy Year (2016). Apostle Katrina also serves on the Apostolic Leadership Team for Eagles International with Apostle Dr. Pamela Hardy.

Called as an equipper and nurturer she is a Licensed Minister of the Gospel submitted to the leadership and alignment of Apostle Jerry Culbreth, Tryed Stone New Beginning Church. She is the lead-servant of ministries both inside and outside of the four walls of the church. As the founder and visionary of Heavenly Dove Ministries, Apostle Katrina serves on prophetic teams at her local fellowship, and also reaches outside of the four walls by nurturing dance teams and leaders as well as by leading city-wide Unity teams. Specializing in Early Childhood Education, Apostle Katrina is the Director of an Early Learning Center in Cincinnati.

Apostle Katrina says, “Grace, Peace, Divine Favor, Abundant Blessings be unto you. Spread the Gospel. Spread the Love!!! In Jesus’ Name! I love EVERYBODY!”