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The Eagles International Drama Institute (EIDI) is an eleven-month course in which you will learn all aspects and components that will assist you in developing effective and powerful dramatic productions while incorporating various other forms of Christian Arts Ministry. You will study both the biblical and practical side of dramatic arts to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

You will also learn how to put on an entire dramatic productions effectively from script development, production, cast selection and individual stage presence development. By gaining a deeper understanding of biblical principles and evangelism using the ministry of arts, you will propel your drama ministry and congregation to a deeper level of Holiness in worship as the presence of the Lord is lifted up.

Eagle Apostle Regina Stevenson will be the interim instructor of the course. She is a graduate of the EITI course for Dance Ministers under the mentorship of Dr. Pamela Hardy of Set Free Ministries in Plano, Texas.


To give you one on one mentoring and guidance in such areas as:

• The Theology of Drama
• Principles of Drama
• Problem Solving
• Developing Good Leadership Skills
• Teaching Methodology

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Apostle Regina Stevenson

Apostle Regina Stevenson is from Raleigh, North Carolina.  She is the wife of Bruce Stevenson. They both love the Lord and have been walking this walk for a long time. We have been married for forty years.

Regina’s favorite bible character is Hezekiah and as you continue to read you will see why.

Apostle Regina  has taught Drama for Eagles International Training Institute for 2 years 2017-2018.   Apostle Regina started acting in the third grade playing the role of a Rain Drop in the school play.  She was in every play for all her grade school years.  After that she had roles in church productions for all the Christmas and Easter plays at Faith Baptist Church in Hempstead Long Island during her Junior and Senior High School days.  But in all the serious acting she loved being a comedian. She has always loved pretending to be other people not actors, but people in real life. 

She is a Licensed Practical Nurse who was retired until God gave her the fifteen years that was stolen from her during a serious illness. Even during that time, I acted very well because it was a very painful time, but I learned to smile through the pain.  Acting comes easy to her because in her training as a Nurse you had to have Empathy and not sympathy.  Empathy to her was easy and she was well trained to look like nothing was wrong with you even if your finger was cut off and in a container, she had to have that look of it will be alright.

In 2005 Regina was called to dance and in 2011 she graduated from Eagles International Training Institute as a Licensed Dance Minister.  She has been dancing in worship of the one true and living God for 12 years. During this time Regina has taken many classes and the best one was Eagles International Drama Institute.  Regina was in the inaugural class and has been in every class since to grow and to mentor the student of the Drama Institute to the finish line.  She has served as the administrator for the Drama Institute and always a Mentor. I have been taught Drama by Eagle Minister Kerry Ann Frazier for four years.

Regina learned so well and always finds a way to be outside the box that she has had her own TV Show for nine months.  The name of the is Love God, Love Dance.  It was through our local TV channel in Raleigh North Carolina. Because technology is moving so fast the producer has decided Face Book Live the show because it will reach a larger audience. The show Highlights Christian Dance, Sermons, mime and interviews with people who are willing to go Live and talk about the Lord.

 She was the choreographer for the “Black Nativity” play written by Langston Hughes in the city of Raleigh NC for 2011. She also choreographed for “The 9th Commandment” written and produced by Terria Bates, “The 9th Commandment -Eva Returns” and “Revenge is the Lord’s”. Choreographing for plays mixes the two things that she loves acting and dancing!

 She is the founder and leader of Titus II Community Dance Ministry of Raleigh North Carolina which is a 501 3c non-profit organization.  That trains young dance ministries and young dance ministers.  This ministry dances on the streets of Raleigh to minister to the Homeless of the area and churches nationally and internationally.  We also raise money to feed the poor at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  She is a gifted seamstress and owns Anointed Garments RAFS a small business that creates the garments, by consulting with each dance minister. She also teaches the word of God as it pertains to dance in the bible.  She has taught at Jubilate International Conference in Cary, NC in March 2013.

 She also teaches Drama for TEN Expansion.  The play the students did this year was ”Mama Why”. She is the State coordinator for North Carolina. She has taught dance and danced internationally. She also a missionary called to take dance to the nations.

The next thing on her list is to take Dramatic pieces to the nations that will preach the word of God in any language.  Her goal is to also go to a county and teach drama to preach the gospel using the techniques she has learned. Most of all Apostle Regina is a worshipper!!