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The Eagles International Flag Course for flag and banner ministers is a three-year intense, in-depth mentoring program for those who desire to go to the next level in their ministry and knowledge of flags as well as grow in their relationship with our Lord Jesus. Should you meet all of the requirements, you will be awarded a certificate of completion.

Minister Betty Kiser, founder of The Path Thru The Cross, will conduct the course. She is a graduate of the Eagles International Training Institute Dance Year 1 Course and is a licensed dance minister under the mentor-ship of Dr. Pamela Hardy of Set Free Ministries in Plano, Texas.


The Flag Course is designed to give you one-on-one mentoring and guidance in such areas as:

  • The Scriptural Basis for Flags and Banners
  • How Colors Impact the Message
  • Evangelism with Flags
  • Knowing Yourself
  • Processionals, Praise, Prayer and Prophecy

You will be coached, guided, instructed and advised. You will receive feedback on your monthly projects and assignments and you will see increase in your ministry. God deserves our best. This will be an investment in you, in your future, and in your ministry. You are worth it!

Goals and Vision
1. To equip the saints for the work of the ministry of flags
2. To provide a solid biblical theology in both power and practice
3. To impart the gifts and anointing of the Holy Spirit
4. To share wisdom, experience and a working knowledge of the ministry of Jesus Christ
5. To help students understand their calling and destiny in Christ
6. To help and encourage them to walk into that destiny.

The Flag Course Year 2 is available to those have completed Flag Course Year 1.

The Flag Course Year 3 is available to those have completed Flag Course Year 1 & 2.

To request an application, please email –
To enroll, please click ENROLL today at the top of the page


Eagle Betty Kiser-Flag_Instructor

Eagle Betty Kiser

Picture a flag girl:  a junior college student, young, thin, vivacious.  Betty is now much older, thicker and energetic when it comes to praising God with flags and banners.  God has taken the two years with the Pasadena City College Band, then the Official Tournament of Roses Band, and, decades later, given that training a place in the Kingdom.

Betty graduated from Eagles International Training Institute in October 2008.  Dr. Pamela Hardy asked her to teach the Flag institute fulfilling a prophetic word from 2006: “You will raise up a troupe, a troupe, a troupe”.   She has also raised up a troop of warriors who are changing the atmosphere, resisting the devil, taking healing to the nations. 

Eagle Betty has written two manuals to support her teaching of the Eagles International Flag Courses: His Flags, a necessity, not an accessory and His Colors, they speakboth also available in Spanish. Year one students in the Eagles flag course learn about the ministry of flags.  Year two students grow as a flag minister.  Year three is about marketing the ministry and minister flags.

Prior to becoming an Eagle, Betty traveled across the United States and internationally conducting quilt classes on a pattern called the Drunkard’s Path.  The Path Less Travelled, The Path Beyond and The Path Over and Around are her books showing creative ideas for the quilt design.

All of the career opportunities Betty has experienced—Tri-Chem Liquid Embroidery instructor, catalog manager with Montgomery Ward, Arts and Crafts assistant director at SHAPE in Belgium, Mary Kay consultant—have enhanced her mentoring skills.  Encouragement is her gifting from God.  

Betty’s message for people of all ages: I have chosen not to retire and expire, but to refire and inspire.  As Caleb said, “It’s my mountain”.