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Flight Lessons For Eagle Warriors (FLEW)


Flight Lessons For Eagle Warriors (FLEW)

This course is the perfect training to help the student learn the principles of living a victorious life. From knowing how to identify and use your weapons effectively to living in the fullness of our God-given authority, this course is for anyone who desires to excel in skill implementation.

Knowing how to identify and recognize your enemy, prayer, and developing key strategies will help develop in each student the ability to know how and when to go in and take new territories.

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Eagle Betty Kiser-Flag_Instructor


Eagle Betty Kiser

Eagle Betty Kiser, known as the teacher for the Eagles International Flag Courses, graduated from EITI in 2008, with the first flag graduates in 2010.   This year God has given her a non-movement curriculum, Flight Lessons for Eagle Warriors.  The emphasis will be on Discipline, Obedience and Authority, preparing any Eagle to soar to great heights in the Kingdom of God.  Eagle Betty has taken several other courses through Eagles—Business, Mime, Worship, Torah, Leadership—giving her a broad base for the new class and was an US Army wife. 

Eagle Betty strongly believes that she will not retire and expire.  She will refire and inspire.  Caleb was 85 when he said to God, “You promised me that mountain”.   Betty is beginning to think there is a mountain range in store for her.