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Prophetic Art

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Do you desire to minister through artwork? Grab your paint and paintbrush and Unleash the inner artist within you through the EITI Prophetic Art Course. Learn and grow from the basis of painting to the realms of prophetic ministry through painting and art. You will create and execute artistry from creative journaling, assignments, and artwork.

Topics of study include:

  • How to see God through His Creations
  • Biblical Colors
  • Prophetic Creations
  • Jewelry
  • War Sticks
  • Acrylic Veils
  • Corporate Prophetic Painting
  • Tapping into the Heart of God

You will be coached and guided through written and art assignments and you will also receive ONE-on-ONE, step-by-step tutoring, and instruction through our LIVE-ONLINE classes!

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Destiny M. Turner is from Racine, Wisconsin. Starting 2007 in middle school she worked her first job there redesigning and painting furniture for Main Gallery. Destiny was also a part of ACTSO (Afro-Academic, Cultural, Technological and Scientific Olympics) through the NAACP throughout her high school years where she participated in national drawing and poetry competitions and the Scholastic Awards placing for silver and gold keys within poetry and art. In 2016 Destiny moved to Cincinnati, Ohio to pursue her dreams.

The arts has always been a passion for Destiny but in 2018 God showed Destiny to pursue the call to do art in a different way. Destiny Turner had encountered prophetic artist in the past while attending various conferences but never pursued the arts in a prophetic way before then. In 2019 she graduated from the Eagles International Training Institute’s (EITI) Prophetic Art year 1  course. Turner says that it started to make since to her why she would would visualize parts of conversations, songs and scriptures. “God needed me to start putting these images that I was seeing on paper.”

In 2020 she finished the Prophet Art year 2 course and went on to teach Prophetic Art in EITI’s School of Power and Activation (SOPAA). In 2021 she was offered the position to teach within EITI and is the current Prophetic Art instructor. She gives God the glory for cultivating her creative gifts and opening doors for her to instruct, paint live, create website materials, ministry logos and flyers and more!