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School of Worship



The Eagles International School of Worship is an eleven-month journey to worship. Many believers have settled for “praise” and not pushed through to the deeper intimacy the Lord desires to give His children- an intimacy that comes only through worship.

Minister Vivien Hibbert will be conduct the course. Born in New Zealand, Minister Vivien is an author, teacher, musician and worship leader, having began full-time ministry in 1977 as a teacher of praise and worship.

The School of Worship is designed to give you one on one mentoring and guidance in the following areas:

  • Prophetic Worship
  • Biblical Studies, and more

If you are interested in learning more about worship, enroll today!

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Author, teacher, musician and worship leader, Vivien Hibbert was born in New Zealand and began full time ministry in 1977 as a teacher of praise and worship. In 1985, Vivien immigrated to the U.S. and has served in full-time pastoral and/or music ministry until today. Vivien is a co-founder of The Worship Arts Conservatory, the first online school of worship. Currently, she is the instructor of the online School of Worship at the Eagles international Training Institute in Dallas.

In 1997 Vivien was privileged to take part in the Promise Keepers Worship Summit where she was involved in developing a strategy for establishing worship internationally with the goal of unifying diverse cultures. She is a regular faculty member of several worship conferences in the United States and overseas, and regularly teaches at Youth With A Mission both domestically and abroad. As one example of her desire to see the glory of God spread throughout the nations, Vivien was privileged to work with FarsiPraise, Christian converts from Islam, who produce evangelistic teaching and worship for Iranian satellite TV.

She longs to see ALL nations, generations and denominations involved in a reformation of worship where God’s presence becomes the primary focus and purpose of Church gatherings. Vivien has ministered in over twenty nations, and is a member of ICE (International Council of Ethnodoxologists).


Vivien has many years of experience in a wide variety of ministries including teaching in church services, bible schools, prisons, hospitals, conferences, retreats, women’s conferences, youth meetings in any nation or denomination. It is her joy to serve the Body of Christ and call them to deeper worship and intimacy with Him.

Vivien has produced several music tapes over the years. Her most recent musical project is titled “Songs From The Father’s Heart,” an inspirational instrumental soaking CD based on the songs the Father sings over each of us. This CD was recorded in Norway in 2013 along with other worship musicians. Another CD, “Shepherd’s Suite,” is a soaking CD based on Psalm 23. This music gives you a foundation to wait on the Lord – meditating on each verse of this beautiful Shepherd Psalm. In 2016 Vivien began a CD project that is intended as a prayer CD with the sounds of many nations.

Vivien’s book, “Prophetic Worship,” published in July of 1999, continues to be an excellent and insightful resource on worship. You will find depths of teaching and revelation in this insightful book. It is being re-published in 2019! She also has a unique devotional book entitled “Praise Him.” In 2015, Vivien has also published ten booklets of her notes on worship and deeper life.

She now lives in Texarkana Arkansas, where she is working with her home church, Waterwaze, to equip local ministries and conduct regular nights of prophetic worship for the cities of Texarkana and Ashdown.


Please Note:  No refunds for tuition.

EITI is limited in providing complete services to those with disabilities.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  We are working towards offering all courses to those with disabilities.  Thank you for being so patient.