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Do you wish to learn about the Anointing that resides in you and how to increase it?

The Eagles International Anointing School consists of a three-, intense, in-depth mentoring program for those who desire to know the deeper workings of the Holy Spirit and a new way of looking at the Scriptures through the Hebraic lens, allowing them to connect with the Hebraic roots of their faith.

Eagle Apostle Renate McWright, co-founder of McWright Ministries, will conduct the course. She is a graduate of the Eagles International Training Courses Dance Year 1, School of Worship, Five-fold Leadership course, Author’s course, School of David, KAMT and Kingdom Spheres.

A certificate of completion will be issued to all who meet the requirements of the course. You will graduate with a box of Anointing oils of various fragrances and uses as you have been instructed during the course, as well as with a replica of an oil lamp as it was used in Bible days.  

Embrace the richness of your heritage in Yeshua (Jesus)! and a deeper more intimate fellowship with the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit).


The Anointing School is designed to give students one-on-one mentoring and guidance in such areas as:

YEAR 1 Overview – The Anointing

  • The Anointing Oils
  • The Anointing – what it is, and what it is not
  • The Anointed One – a Study of our Messiah Bridegroom

*YEAR 2 Overview –   The Anointed Bride of the Messiah  (*MUST have completed YEAR 1):

  • The purpose of the Bride
  • The identity of the Bride
  • The intimate relationship with the Bridegroom
  • A Study in the Song of Solomon

*YEAR 3 Overview – The Double Portion Anointing  (**MUST have completed Years 1 and 2)

  • Study of the life of Elijah
  • Study of the life of Elisha
  • The Cost of the Double Anointing

Students will receive guidance, instruction, and feedback on their monthly projects and assignments. They will experience a greater desire to study the Word of God in a new way, and their ministry will expand as a result. If they put forth their best efforts, results will show! There will be great rewards as they are propelled forward into new spiritual dimensions.

Goals and Vision:

  1. To equip believers for the work of ministry
  2. To impart the gifts and anointing of the Holy Spirit
  3. To provide a solid biblical theology in both power and practice viewed through the Hebrew lens.
  4. To share wisdom, experience, and a practical application of ministry in daily life
  5. To help students understand their calling and destiny in their Bridegroom-Messiah, Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus, the Messiah)
  6. To help and encourage them to walk into that destiny with much power.

To enroll, please click ENROLL today at the top of the page.  If you have additional questions, email us at




Renate McWright Torah The Anointing


Eagle Renate McWright

Eagle Minister Renate McWright is originally from Innsbruck Austria. She met her American soldier-husband Tim in 1966 and married him in 1967. After a string of miscarriages, their first daughter was born in 1969 while they were on assignment in Augusta, GA.
Through tragic circumstances this child died 3 1⁄2 years later while they were stationed in Berlin, Germany.

On New Year’s Eve of 1977 during a Watch-night service Renate came face to face with the living Savior at a little Army Chapel in Fort Meade, Maryland and her life was forever changed. 3 weeks later her husband also received Christ and the two began to walk together in the newness of life. G-d began to manifest signs and wonders in their lives and shortly thereafter they were sent into the mission field in Japan where there are only about 1% Christians in a country of 120 million. They labored there for 4 years and G-d granted a harvest of souls. Renate has ministered the Word of G-d to congregations around the world, such as mainland Japan, Okinawa, Germany, Austria and the United States. She has spoken on the Women’s Aglow circuit in the Far East.



In 1996 Renate and her mother began a genealogy search and found that they have Jewish ancestry which was hidden by the last generations for various reasons. Renate has since begun a study of the Hebrew language and all the richness of the Jewish beliefs and culture that surrounds her family heritage.
She shares this in congregations, meetings and conferences all over the United States and where ever the doors open. It is her heart’s desire to connect the Body of Messiah to their Hebrew Roots and to eliminate
anti-Semitism that has been created by ignorance of history and a lack of knowledge of the Truth in the Word of G-d. Renate is a graduate of the International Bible Seminary, Plymouth. Florida. She and her husband Tim have settled in San Antonio after Tim’s 30-year retirement from the Army. They have 2 sons, 2 daughters and 6 grandchildren. They were members of Cornerstone Church, Dr. John Hagee, Senior Pastor for 30 years.
Renate’s husband Tim is a gifted minister of music as well as an ordained Pastor and they have now ventured out and started a home fellowship by the leading of the Holy Spirit.
Renate was the leader, director and choreographer of the Rejoice Dance Team at Cornerstone Church. Renate is a Worshipper at heart and her desire is to see the Bride of Messiah draw near in adoration to her

Messiah Bridegroom in Dance and be connected to the Hebrew Roots of the Faith. Renate graduated from a 12-month dance course with the Eagles International Institute, founder Apostle Dr. Pamela Hardy, where she received a license as Minister of Dance. In December of 2009 Tim and Renate and her dance team traveled to Nigeria, West Africa as guest ministers to the largest gathering of its kind, the Holy Ghost Congress under the oversight of General Overseer Dr. Enoch Adejare Adeboye where they ministered in music and dance to a congregation of approximately four million.
Renate knows that she is called to the Nations, to teach, exhort and compel others to worship the true and living
G-d. She graduated in the year 2011 from The Eagles Institute’s Worship Course taught by Dr. Elizabeth Hairston-McBurrows. She also served as the TEN (The Eagles’ Network Worldwide) Leader for Texas South for a number of years where she conducted teaching modules to help train and encourage area dance teams to worship the King of Kings as the fallen tent of David is being restored in a worldwide move of the Holy Spirit. In the year 2015 she laid this leadership assignment down as she has raised up 6 Eagles in her dance team to take over the leadership so she can devote all of her time to the Torah Courses and the dance team.
In September of 2011 Renate, her husband and her dance team accompanied Apostles Dr. Pamela Hardy, Founder of EITI, and Apostle Christopher Hardy, to Cape Town, South Africa for an Eagles dance conference which impacted that nation with renewal and refreshing from the L-rd. A first Night to Honor

Israel was conducted there in September of 2012 and again in 2014 with the Jewish community present as guests.
Renate has felt the leading of the L-rd for some time to share with the Body of Messiah the Revelation of the Bridegroom Yeshua HaMashiach. Yeshua lived the life of a Jewish Rabbi as this perspective is often lacking in the Church. Therefore, she shared this with Apostle Dr. Pamela Hardy and the Torah Course was implemented in EITI and an international class formed with 14 graduates. Eagle Minister Renate is offering a curriculum for year 2 of Torah and has developed a curriculum for year 3 of Torah with an Alpha Class that commenced in 2016.
Eagle Minister Renate graduated 2013 from the Eagles International Leadership Course with studies in the 5- fold ministry track.
She has traveled to South Africa, Panama, Mexico, Barbados and around the United States teaching and imparting the Word of G-d, awakening the nations to a new perspective of their Jewish Messiah Bridegroom. Renate graduated from the Eagles Authors Course in 2016 with 4 published books. She just completed the 5th, which is a Passover Hagaddah for Christians. Eagle Renate is graduating from KAMT (Kingdom Ambassadors Training Course) in October of 2020 as she continually strives for more revelation and to gain a deeper knowledge of the Word and workings of the Holy One. She will begin teaching a new course entitled “The Anointing Oil, The Anointing, and the Anointed One”.